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“ Our main
aim is to encapsulate your vision and make
it a reality “

We are Stacey and Rob, the proud owners of Belgray Wedding and Events.

We are husband and wife and live in the Southwest. We have two young children, Belle and Grayson, which is where the name Belgray came from.


I, Stacey, have always had a love for weddings and being creative is something I am passionate about. Luckily for me the two go hand in hand. I will never get bored of seeing couples faces light up when they see all their plans finally brought to life.

I am at the fore front of Belgray and I am the stylist that will be there on the day of your event and there for you in the lead up.


My husband Rob is a carpenter by trade and works behind the scenes making our props. He is a master at listening to my ideas and then finding a way to bring them to life. He makes a lot of our props from reclaimed materials as we try our best to be sustainable.


Here at Belgray we celebrate every kind of love, and inclusivity is so important to us. You can rest assured that what ever your love story we would absolutely love to be a part of it.


“ I love giving new life to old things by handcrafting our props from reclaimed materials “

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